About Us

Meet Jackson and Zack; natives of Charlotte, North Carolina and long time friends. During a summer beach trip to the North Carolina coast, a conversation about beards and beard care came about as they sat on the sands of Oak Island.  Having previously used and loved products from other brands, they decided to do research and develop their own beard care product to use themselves.  Realizing that they lived in a potentially untapped bearded market and after getting constant attention from family, friends, and co-workers about their amazing scents and ingredients, they decided to start making their product available to the public.

About our product:  All of our scent blends are derived naturally and formulated with cosmetic use in mind. We have confidently constructed blends that are in compliance with acceptable use, and tolerance. As of late, the term “fragrance” has been deemed as a black sheep within the grooming industry because of the trade secret nature of formulating said fragrances.

The dilemma with any fragrance ingredient, whether essential oil or synthetic, is that some people may have an allergic reaction to the product. Keep in mind that we are all different, so it's always wise to do a small skin test before using any product that’s applied to our bodies. If your body reacts adversely to the product, we will gladly exchange it for another or provide a full refund.
Our end result? A naturally-derived fragrance blend.

Phthalate free: Yes
Vegan friendly: Yes
Cruelty free: Yes
Non-GMO: Yes
Soy-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Alcohol free: Yes

Proudly Partnered with:

- The Make A Wish Foundation (Charlotte, NC